Using state of the art equipment I provide high quality enhanced digital copies. All pricing include copies to a USB drive. I will provide you daily status updates from start to finish of your project. See below for pricing, Contact me for a cost estimate. 

$25 per day fee for on-site digital conversions, minimum $250 

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"It was amazing to hear my Dad’s voice after 24 years."  -  Johana F.



Digital Transfers - 40¢ Includes high 600 dpi resolution, front/back scan and rotating to proper orientation; organization naming preserved. Image stored on USB drive. No charge for scanned duplicates. Add 5¢ to 10¢ for photos in albums, depending on album. 

Overwhelmed???  - Ask for my People, Pets and Special Photos Service. I'll review your slides and only digitize ones with people or pets in them. 

Format - Loose or in albums; 1/2" x 1/2" up to to 24" x 18"; Polaroids


Digital Transfers - 50¢  Ultra high resolution 3200 dpi scans using a dual lens system with infrared technology. Images stored on USB drive.

Overwhelmed???  - Ask for my People, Pets and Special Photos Service. I'll review your slides and only digitize ones with people or pets in them. 

Format - 35MM, 48MM and 126 Slides (Cardboard or Plastic), Kodachrome 


Transfers -  $23 per video (up to 2 hours). Includes color/audio enhancement, stabilized and titles. No charge for blank video or sending you information to ensure correct titles. Video stored USB drive. Add $5 per hour over 2 hours, $15 for less than 1/2 hour. 

Format - VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, BETAMAX, HI-8, Digital8, 8mm, DV, DVCAM, MINIDV, DVC and PAL-VHS for tapes recorded in Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia.


Transfers - 30¢ per foot. Includes Frame-by-Frame digitizing, full HD 1080P resolution that is color enhanced and titles. No charge for blank reels or sending you information to ensure correct titles. Stored on USB drive. 

Format - 8mm and Super 8 up to 9” reels.


Save your damaged photos by repairing tears, marks, missing areas, water damage and fixing faded colors. Price varies depending on the extent of damage. Starting with $20 for light damaged originals with up to three minor repairs up to to $50 for heavily damaged originals.   View Detailed Pricing. Click here to View Restoration Examples


Album Transfers - $15 per record. Includes cleaning, noise reduction and pop, click filtering. Choice of MP3 or WAV file put on a USB drive. Note: This does not include labeling of individual songs (tracks).

Individual Songs (tracks) - Add $5 per record. Includes everything in Album Transfer PLUS labeling of individual songs and a separate file for each song, choice of MP3 or WAV file put on a USB drive. 

Individual Songs on CD - Add $6 per record. Included everything in Album Transfer PLUS labeling of individual songs put on a CD with album cover photo on the CD.

Album Transfers, Individual Track and CD - $23 per record. Includes everything listed above.   

Formats - LP (33 1/3) or 45's. 


Transfers - 25¢ per minute  (so a full 60 minute cassette is $15). Includes file naming,  noise suppression and files put on a a USB drive or CD.

Formats - Cassette or mini-cassette 


Transfers - 75¢ per item with images stored on USB drive.

Formats - Flat items up to 4 feet x 4 feet.


Consulting Services  - I will work with you to determine the best plan for getting all of your photos and videos organized. After a no-cost, no-obligation 1/2 hour session I will provide you a plan and cost estimate based on your situation.


One USB Drive - Included in transfer pricing, no extra charges.

Copies to DVD or USB Drive - $12 per DVD copy; $10 per 16GB USB Drive; $15 per 32GB USB Drive.  

External Hard Drive - 1 TB (1000 GB), $75; 2 TB $95 (1,000 TIFF photos @ 200 GB; 1000 TIFF slides @ 400 GB; 1 hours non-compressed video @ 1 GB).


Having your photos and videos converted to digital is great first step, yet not enough. A friend of mine once told me she had her photos digitized... "I used to have boxes of pictures I never looked at, now I have albums of DVD's I never look at."  I want to make sure that is not your experience.  I can walk you through step by step many ways to share and enjoy your photos. I also realize that after a week or two you may forget how to do something (or many things). I will continue to support you by addressing any questions you may have on tagging, sharing, upload/downloads or whatever help you may need. My goal is to make sure you are totally happy with the digital transfers as well as comfortable using available technology for viewing and sharing your memories.