Image by Inge Maria


Hurricane Harvey in 2017 was a rough time for the Houston area. Our family was very lucky, no flooding, no damage. As I watched reports of devastation and seemingly endless interviews of people suffering loss one thing stood out. After being thankful for their safety people shifted to talk about the sadness of losing their photos… the loss of their memories. I would be saying the same if we were less fortunate. We had many shoe boxes in various places full of pictures and old videos. I decided to have them transferred to digital, yet it was not as easy as I thought. With the drugstores and big box stores, what I found was concerning. They shipped to another state or country and all had legal fine print about not being responsible for any loss or damage. Other options in Houston were expensive and still involved transporting to another location. I investigated digitizing our memories myself and quickly found that I would have to commit a significant amount of time along with a significant amount of money purchasing equipment to have quality digital images. All of this led me to Memories 4ever… saving people's memories with a digital transfer workshop on wheels, using state of the art equipment and expertise in digital transfers, storage media and sharing options.

I have a background in research geophysics, developing algorithms (enhancements) to improve seismic data. One rule is to always, always go back to the original seismic data to apply enhancements. This is why I provide two different formats for all transfers. One copy retains the original unaltered scanned image for archiving and the second copy is compressed and enhanced for sharing. Please see the Plain Talk page to find out about my approach to ensuring your memories are both preserved and enjoyed.

Steve Durgin