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A simple, proven technique for sorting photos before digitizing

Updated: May 25, 2022

You haven't enjoyed your old photos, slides, videos in many years and know they are all deteriorating with time, BUT where to start? It can be overwhelming…. Here a simple, proven technique to get started. 1) Go through photos quickly and identify three categories YES, NO, MAYBE spend no longer than a couple of seconds on each photo, if after a couple seconds you can't decide if it is a YES or NO then just put it in the MAYBE category. If they are in an album, use color stickie notes to categorize. At this time don’t worry if a photo might be a duplicate. 2) After doing this once, do the same process again with photos that are in the MAYBE category. The second pass can be done before or after the first pass "YES" photos are digitized. After two passes, the ones still in the MAYBE category are probably a NO. Regarding duplicates in the YES category, I can identify and eliminate duplicates at no cost to you. If self-digitizing or using other digitizing services you should go through the YES’s and identify as many duplicates as you can prior to digitizing. That's it, now take a deep breath, gather all your photos and get started!!!

Still feeling overwhelmed? I can sort through your photos and only digitize people, pets, and precious photos. Contact me to get started.

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Apr 10, 2022

Great tips!

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