Understanding the technical details of digital transfers can be overwhelming so let’s look at this without talking about the technology (see Tech Talk for that). We transfer photos, videos and film to digital form for two reasons:

Preservation - Digital images will not deteriorate over time and as long as they are stored in a safe manner they will be there for future generations to cherish. We do not know what the future will bring yet certainly it will bring great advances in technology that will allow for amazing things to be done with digital images. No matter how technology advances; however, it will not be able to recapture removed data or recreate data that has been fundamentally altered. The data I am referring to is the data that goes into making a digital image. In order for future generations to get the most out of a digital image it is important to keep as much original image data as possible and in its purest form.

Enjoyment - Digital images can rekindle long forgotten memories as well as create new memories as items are shared on your TV, phone or over the internet. Sharing images so all can enjoy is made possible by technology that compresses (removes data) and enhances (fundamentally alters) the data that makes up the image which produces a smaller file size and improved appearance. 

Two reasons for converting to digital, two different ways to achieve the desired results.  

     Preservation = Keep all original, unaltered data 

     Enjoyment = Remove (compress) and alter (enhance) data

I believe it is important to ensure your memories are both preserved and enjoyed which is why I provide two copies in two different formats for all digital transfers.

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